The Dream Team

We have been your print marketplace with quality service focus since 2002.

Artpres continues to achieve customer satisfaction and strengthens on-time delivery and quality production approach by targeting the top, achieving excellence and offering the best.

Working with us is never a coincidence!

We have paved our way in global print marketplace based on many years of experience and especially by delivering the “impossible” solutions.

Although the luck seems to play a significant role in success, there is no room for luck in production.”

Our key to success is our solid background and skills in printing as well as our service quality.

Social Compliance Policy (FSC®)

Our company’s main goal is to form working conditions where our personnel can work healthily and satisfied. Starting from hiring of our workers, it’s our duty to act according to all applicable laws and regulations. It’s our responsibility not to make discrimination for anything, not to hire children, avoid from actions which violate basic human rights and provide healthy and safe conditions for workers in our factory.

Our personnel have the rights to benefit from applications for working hours, salary payments, over time payments and vacations according to Working Law and have freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Regular training of all personnel including new ones and raising consciousness about working conditions, working health and safety are essential.